About Us

The vision of WOSK is to be the popular tech firm in Middle-East.

The mission is to provide added value to its clients where the legal services we provide are diverse and appropriate to the nature of the clients ' work, based on a legal methodology by our team experiences that is in line with the client's need and with the legislative changes and developments in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 

The main philosophy of our company to provide a full understanding and deep analyzing to each legal issue combined with a technical knowledge of the law, and we can easily adapt the client's needs and develop a stable and sustainable relationship.

We work closely with law firms in the Arabian Gulf, North Africa, Europe and the USA, as well as with other prominent individuals and entities in related fields in providing our services to the client.


We offer our legal services in several sectors, most notably the:


Construction and contracting

Real estate development

Capital markets

Financial technology

Food & Beverage

Banking & Finance

Government projects

Credit Bureau



We provide litigation services in several legal fields:

Commercial disputes

Capital Markets disputes

Share holder's disputes

Intellectual property rights disputes

Financial crimes cases

Liquidation of companies

Real estate disputes

Banking and finance disputes

Competition law and antitrust cases

Tax and zakat disputes

Bankruptcy, bankruptcy protection settlement and financial reorganization

We provide consulting services, drafting and reviewing contracts in several legal fields:

Share holder's agreements

Mergers and acquisitions

Foreign investment regulations

Administrative contracts (with government and semi-government entities)

Establishment of investment funds

Supply contracts

Franchise agreements

Establishment of companies


Venture capital

Construction and contracting agreements

Real estate investment and development contracts

Our Team

Moath Al-Otaibi

Manging Partner and legal advisor with experience in providing legal advice. who has sufficient experience in various legal issues and trade, especially in relation to disputes partners, and claims against fund managers, businesses, and the establishment and structure of corporate governance, mergers, acquisitions and re-regulation of financial companies, bankruptcy and liquidation of companies.

Ahmed Alwahas

Partner \ Lawyer specialized in the field of litigation who has been successful in a large number of cases in Saudi courts and has experience in litigation before commercial, administrative and labour courts, previously worked as a representative of the telecommunications and Information Technology Authority before the administrative courts to defend it in the most important cases of telecommunications against telecommunications companies (STC, Zain, Mobily)

Abdulmohsen bin Salma

Partner \ Lawyer who has sufficient experience in providing legal advice, drafting and reviewing contracts and agreements. He has experience in corporate incorporation, trademark registration and intellectual property rights disputes. Besides preparing partnership agreements and modifying the company structure. He also specializes in litigation and defence in various commercial cases of construction, supply contracts , real estate disputes and economic crimes cases.

Ahmed Alkhalaf

Partner \ legal advisor with sufficient experience in providing legal advice in respect of legal issues and business. He has extensive experience in the legal business associated with the industrial sector. He succeeded before the judiciary in many legal aspects especially in commercial, insurance and arbitration cases. He also has experience in corporate liquidation and legal commitment in various investment fields.

Sunitan Al-Otaibi

Governance consultant \ He has worked on the governance of several projects in the public and private sector and sports governance, developed a number of workshops in governance and participated in the national public sector governance strategy, he has also worked as a director of a number of governance projects, most notably the governance of the Saudi recycling investment company (owned by the Public Investment Fund.

Sultan Hamza

Lawyer and Legal Project Manager, Graduated from UK, professional in the drafting of legal documents such as corporate contracts and amendments thereto, statutes, regulations, legal notes, and legal advice. Succeeded a large number of cases before the Saudi courts as well as always keen to settle with parties before taking action by the courts .Experienced in LegalTech, business development venture capital private equity market and due diligence. Organizing and managing the application for international legal cooperation projects. Negotiating, organizing and managing international cooperation projects in legal research with international organizations. Furthermore, Skilled in E-Contract, Legal Technology, Analytical and Logical Reasoning, Strategic Planning and Organizational structure.

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